A101 opened its first supermarket on April 28, 2008. Operated under the concept of 'Discount Supermarket', A101 has been offering its customers quality food and consumer products for low prices since 2008. Its slogan is “Harca Harca Bitmez”.
With all corporate -no franchisee- 9,000 sales point, A101 is not only the most widespread supermarket in Turkey, but also the most prevalent chain in the retail industry. It operates in all of the 81 cities and in all districts of Turkey. No matter what the circumstances are, A101 continues to supply its 9,000+ stores from 47 warehouses with over 1,200 SKUs/products. A101 is among the pioneers of the industry with its 54,000 employees and over 600 suppliers. As the fifth fastest growing retail company in the world (Deloitte Retail Global Powers 2018 Report), A101 has also carried its success beyond Turkey’s borders.

In the years, 2015-2016-2017-2018, A101 has been:

  • The company with the highest new jobs created in Turkey,
  • The company with the highest number of women employees Turkey,
  • The company with the highest number of employees with disabilities in Turkey.
With 99% household penetration, A101 issues 4 million receipts a day and more than 130 million a month. Its Instagram account has the most followers in the retail sector in the world (5.6 million followers).

For further information: www.a101.com.tr